Street Kitchen

We Strive

To make sure all your culinary needs are met with the highest regard for the
integrity of the ingredients

Our Food Style

Is fun, modern and very versatile.

While our café serve an Asian-European fusion offer, we adapt our catering offer to your desire.

Guest Review: We had the pleasure of trying out some of their food recently and couldn’t think more highly of their mélange of different flavours and fresh ingredients.
-The Lausanne Guide

Café & Delivery: Our cosy cafe offers great lunches, take aways and delivery.

Catering & Events: We offer a premier catering and event service which ranges from a beautiful weddings to private dinners and corporate lunches. Our approach is to ensure you get exactly what you need.

We Focus

On using local and seasonal produce as much as we can when tailor making your special menu.

Every service we undertake is with a dedicated approach and commitment to excellence.